We think about our safes as a comfort service for the guest and a profit center for your hotel.
The hotel safes have the renting option through software.

Rent management system Win.
• From the reception computer the hotel provides an activation code for the safe of the guest.
• This code allows the locking of the safe until to the indicated day and hour.

Room register
• After software setup, the hotel rooms and floors must be configurated and registered.
• Rent period selection
• This rent system is very simple. Room number and day - hour of deactivation.
• The program facilitates a special code that activates the room safes during the defined period and prints a contract-ticket.

Activation code ticket
• The ticket shows the activation code that allows the locking of the safe until the set day and hour.
• The guest only must key in the keypad R, C and the activation code to activate the safe.
• When contracted period has finished, the guest can open the safe but not lock it.

  • Weight
    0 Kg
  • Width
    0.1 cm
  • Length
    0.1 cm
  • Height
    0.1 cm
  • Amount Per Case
    1 un


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