As a decorative accessory, this wall lamp is designed with both private individuals and professionals in mind: homes, balconies, patios, mobile homes, camping trailers, offices, retail outlets, restaurant dining rooms, hotels, reception areas, doctors’ and vets’ surgeries, analysis laboratories, day nurseries, schools, retirement homes, etc.

• Mount as a wall lamp 1.80 to 2.20 metres above ground level and away from light sources.
• Servicing: replace the lamps/tubes annually and the glue board every 2 months*.
• Pests: flies, mosquitoes, midges, etc.
• Tip: the wall lamp is turned into a light source in winter by using a lamp for illumination (E14)

*If left on 24/7.
Average lifespan of a lamp: 9000 hours

76,06 € (PP)
Sob Consulta (PC)

All values must be added VAT at the legal rate 23% IVA

Stock: Limited to available units

  • Weight
    3.5 Kg
  • Volume
    0.026 m3
  • Width
    21 cm
  • Length
    70 cm
  • Height
    18 cm
  • Amount Per Case
    1 un
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Casa Pinheiro - Catálogo Controlo de Pragas Hi-Set 2017


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