• TTS has improved the concept of professional cleaning for the washing and disinfection of environments with high bacteriological risks ( hospitals, clinics, rest homes, surgeries) thanks to use of pre-treated microfibre cloths together with specific trol Green Healthcare 1010, rustproof, multi-purpose trolley, in composed with a big plastic base with Ø 100 mm wheels.
• The steel structure is painted in Rilsan, the double 70-litre bag-holder makes it easier to keep different types of rubbish separate.
• Comple The buckets are fixed to a Rilsan trolley for an easy carrying of dirty mops into the laundry, without doing any effort.
• The trolley in complete with a cab completely made in plastic, light, easy to clean and easy to assemble with no screws, the cabinet just clips together. Simple locking system with removable key it can hold bottles or other tools (Size: cm 49x39x34).
• Two plates can be slotted into the short sides of the trolley for future personalisation.

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  • Weight
    32.2 Kg
  • Volume
    0.786 m3
  • Width
    126 cm
  • Length
    60 cm
  • Height
    104 cm
  • Amount Per Case
    1 un


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