• B-Fly, the new dust pan and squeegee system that allows you to lift semi-liquid substances or damp material without leaving traces on the floor.
• With its light ergonomic structure, the B-Fly is ideal in places where food and semi-humid substances are dropped frequently, such as in bars, restaurants, canteens, hospitals.
• They can be picked up simply and quickly, allowing the residue to be disposed quickly and safely.
• The B-Fly has a particular shape which makes it easy to clean and efficient in picking up waste because it adapts perfectly to the floor, in this way the squeegee with the rubber blade can easily convey the residue into the bag.
• It is sufficient to detach the bag to eliminate the dirt, thus avoiding contact with your hands and unpleasant odours.

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Apanhadores de Lixo
  • Weight
    1 Kg
  • Volume
    0.037 m3
  • Width
    15 cm
  • Length
    29 cm
  • Height
    85 cm
  • Pallet
    1 un
  • 1/2 Pallet
    1 un
  • Pallet Origin
    1 un
  • Amount Per Case
    6 un
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